The Elsir Vale

The Elsir Vale – History, geography, and locations in the The Elsir Vale.


Brindol – Small City, capital of the area
Dauth – Small Hamlet ruled by a Council of Elders
Dennovar – Trade City on a Lake, governed by a Merchants Council
Drellin’s Ferry – An outpost, last stop before the Wyrmsmoke Mountains
Elsircross – Small town ruled by a clan master
Hammerfast Hold – Abandoned dwarf enclave
Redrock – Dwarven stronghold

Other Settlements

Hillwatch – Speck of a hamlet, home to shepherds and cattleherders
Meowton – The Cat City, formerly called Dauth
Nimon Gap – Small farming village
Prosser – A village where “The Six Blade” adventurers retired.
Talar – A small town governed by a spirited young woman and an elderly town council
Terrelton – A dusty town leather and livestock town governed by a Merchant Council
Witchcross – A large village governed by a group of elders and a circle of druids.

Sites of Interest

The Blackfens – Wetlands to the East of Lake Restin
Endless Plains – A sea of grass stretching for hundreds of miles
Giantshield Mountains – Sheltering the Elsir Vale from the harsh weather of the Endless Plains.
Golden Plains – An arid steppeland that gives way to a rocky desert.
Lake Rhestin – A shallow, marshy lake.
Marth Forest – A rugged, wild woodland.
Rhest – A half drowned ruin slowly sinking into the Blackfens. Once the capital of the vale.
The Thornwaste – A vast barren land of broken hills, briar-choked ravines, and dry scrubland.
The Witchwood – A lush, dense woodland just to the North of Drellin’s Ferry.
Wyrmsmoke Mountains – Volcanic peaks and mountains mark this inhospitable land
Wyvernwatch Mountains – A forboding range of high, steep mountains that separate the Elsir Vale from the more densly populated parts of Faerun.


Adventures in the Elsir Vale

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