Adventures in the Elsir Vale

The Story So Far

Part One: Drellin’s Ferry

Chapter 1: Goblin Arrows

The party took a job from DaMeat Bachman to escort some gear to near by Drellin’s Ferry. Along the way they were ambushed by Goblins, led by Zuk the bugbear. The party defeated the Bugbear, and bargained for the life of Aaron Shemman.

Chapter 2: Drellin’s Ferry

Once in town, the Party investigated Drellin’s Ferry and, in particular, an abandoned Manor. Beneath the manor, the party discovered a hideout for the Cobra Gang, and searched for their leader, The Heshan, which turned out to be Ragnar Ramsesis, who seems to have some dealings with the Skull. The party discovered that DaMeat had been taken to a ruined castle, now inhabited by King Michael Dred Boltan.

Chapter 3: Boltan’s Castle

The party ventured to Boltan Castle, and by means of a secret entrance, made their way inside where they fought and defeated Michael Boltan and a mysterious Drow woman, but at the cost of Winalee’s life.


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