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  • Midland

    [[File:584005 | class=media-item-align-none | Midland.png]] _Rising from sea level to climb the Eastern side of Citadel hill, when most people think of Brindol, they think of the cosmopolitan and friendly district of Midland._ M1. [[Powells …

  • Powells Bookmaker

    Wizards, sages, and scholars flock to Brindol's largest bookstore. From mythic tales of lost Azlant to the most recent reports from distant Soubar, the Bookmaker’s massive selection covers a wide swath of topic and interests. All of the city’s …

  • Goldmarket

    Brindol's largest market serves as the main attraction in Midland. People from all over the city descend daily on the stands, stalls, and tents that form the backbone of the open-air market. Vendors hawk a variety of wares, mostly foodstuffs and minor …

  • Citadel Volshyenek

    Named for the Eternal Lord, Lord Volshyenek Ornelos, who paid for most of its construction, this impressive citadel houses the headquarters and main garrison of the Brindolion Guard.

  • Creaky Hammock

    Set up with a nautical theme, the Creaky Hammock tends to serve ships’ crews in port for a few days. Its attached tavern makes for loud nights and boisterous days, which led to the saying, “The only way to sleep in the Creaky Hammock is to drink yourself …

  • Eodreds Square

    Forming a plaza just past the west end of High Bridge, the square makes a popular landmark that locals and visitors alike use to set up meetings or simply orient themselves within the ward.

  • Pesticos Dolls and Figurines

    A doddering but gentle old man little more than a loud noise away from the grave, Vadid Pestico has lived and worked his entire life in Brindol, crafting exquisite dolls for the city’s children.