Drellin's Ferry

At the spot where the Dawn Way crosses the Elsir River stands the small town of Drellin’s Ferry, once known as Dwarfbridge. As the old name implies, long ago the Elsir was spanned by a sturdy dwarf-made bridge at this spot, but a hundred years ago the bridge washed out in a great flood. An enterprising man named Drellin hammered together a small horse-drawn ferry to maintain a river crossing here, and a town eventually grew up around the enterprise.

This small town is the final river crossing for the Dawn Way (main east-west highway in the region). There was a stone, dwarven bridge here hundreds of years ago, but it was destroyed. The stone pillars are still visible in the river, but little remains of the bridge. A hundred feet downstream is the ferry crossing. A large barge floats here, attached to ropes and pulleys on both sides of the river. The river is 30 feet deep here, and the ferry is the only way to get wagons, livestock and such across.


1. Alderleaf Farm – Home to Darran Alderleaf, a half-elf ex adventurer.
2. Town Green – a broad, grassy field where farmers sell their produce.
3. Sister Garaele’s Home
4. Shrine of Luck – The tent of Reverend Liliana
5. The Shattered Blessing – Clubhouse for the Cobras
6. Twynam Manor – Abandoned Manor
7. Halia Surley‘s Miners Exchange
8. Lionshield Coster – Office of the Lionshield Coster, an organization that deals in trading with and through other towns in the Vale.
9. Linene’s Home
10. Townmaster’s Hall – A sturdy wood building that serves as the town’s council. The current Townmaster is Norro Winston
11. Bosko’s Provisions
12. Bosko’s Home
13. Ravenclaw Inn – A friendly Inn. This is where Aaron Shemman is staying.
14. The Ferry
15. They Dwarf Bridge
16. Woodworker
17. Smithy
18. Harbin Hester’s Home
19. Surley’s Home

Drellin's Ferry

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