Cake Lord

Cake Lord


Cake Lord – was bitten by a radioactive cake bug
After being bitten by a cake bug in the cake kitchen, Cake Lord was given the gift/curse of the second sight, which allows him to see into the future.

While making a pyramid cake for Donald Sterling, Cake Lord was bitten by a cake scarab, which gave him the ability to communicate with the dead (this includes fictional characters who have died, either in canonical works or in fan fiction, or those characters for whom enough time has passed that we can safely assume they have died, e.g., Huck Finn).

Cake Lord was also bitten by a cake wolf, which causes him to transform into a cake wolf whenever there is a full moon.

Supernatural Cakes
He once baked a golemn cake that gained sentience.

He also baked a 1/3-scale replica of Waterdeep that attracted extraterrestrials.

“I am peering across the void that separates this world and the next…. Spirits attend me…”
Cake Lord repeats “Cake Lord!” every time anyone mentions his name. It is possible he himself is unaware of this vocal tic.
He speaks in a strong New Jersey accent, and often has trouble pronouncing words (e.g. androidge for androids, Auxerman for Aukerman).
Cake Lord is known to yell stereotypical Italian exclamations when he is frustrated (e.g. “Pasta Fazool”, “Oh, Madon”). Over time these exclamations have become more corrupted, and now are little more than gibberish with an Italian accent (e.g. “Ajabagoo”).


Cake Lord

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