Castle Brindol


The centerpiece of the city, Castle Brindol towers over every other building. Two pieces comprise Castle Brindol: the Grand Mastaba and the high-walled citadel itself. Together, Castle Brindol rises high above Citadel Hill. Only the king, his immediate family, the seneschal of the castle, and his family may live in Castle Brindol. Either man can invite long-term guests (such as the king’s small harem), but the other can evict these guests at any time (except during times of war).

Grand Mastaba: This four-sided sandstone pyramid is built to a cyclopean scale. A set of stairs cut for humans rises up the center of the northeastern face of the pyramid. One corner of the massive pyramid appears crumbled and worn. Prior to the arrival of the Najarans, the Grand Mastaba served as a Final holy site and strongpoint in the area. The Finals built a semi-permanent encampment at the base of the pyramid, as well as a rough wooden palisade atop it. This allowed the natives to control the area for hundreds of years and repulse attacks from other tribes and savage humanoids alike.

When the Najaran colonists finally wrested control of the hill and pyramid from the Final, they found a perfectly smooth pyramid of incredible proportions with a flattened top. Investigation of the site determined that the pyramid’s builders constructed it with the flat top in mind, and that it did not bear that feature from incompleteness. When the Najaran’s gained control of the pyramid, they stripped it of the Final’s wooden constructions and immediately set to work building a stone wall around the perimeter of the top.

The Keep: The castle itself is formed of an immense black- marble keep. Multiple towers rise from the roofed keep, including the impressively large Epochal Tower and the impressively tall Seawatch Tower. Dozens of Brindolion Guards patrol the keep at all times, with more living in or near the castle and ready to come to its defense at a moment’s notice. Brindol Lion marines also live in and guard the keep, and they keep a hippogriff aerie in one of the towers therein.
The Crimson Throne, seat of power for the monarchs of the city, stands on the third floor of the keep. It is the only chair on the floor. Visitors and guests are expected to stand or kneel.

Castle Brindol

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